Who can buy?

Any adult with a valid credit or debit card or perhaps an active PayPal account.

Can I get Financing?

You can get 0% interest and other forms of financing  during checkout, if you are eligible.

Can I miss out on the last product for trying to get a deal, instead of paying full price?

Yes. If other buyers order all the stock before  we review your offer, your offer will be declined. Since no money is exchanged before a purchase, no further action is required from the buyer.

  • We may propose a similar product so that you don’t leave empty handed.
  • Ask yourself: how badly do you need and want the item right now?

Do I need to pay for shipping?

Yes, unless otherwise specified.

(see Shipping and Returns policy)

Who can sell?

American Nationals living in the USA, legal US residents and non-resident aliens who are registered with the IRS.

Who can be an affiliate?

American Nationals living in the USA, legal US residents and non-resident aliens who are registered with the IRS.

What’s the Affiliate Fee for Vendors?


What if I don’t want to Pay an Affiliate Fee?

  1. Bring the customer
  2. Get lucky with organic traffic
  3. Buy something for yourself

What is the official language of the website and its services?

English. A translator is provided (in the footer) for users who cannot or will not speak, listen to, read or write in English.

User of the translator is solely responsible for any inaccuracies of the service.

What’s the on-boarding process?

  1. Application
  2. Review
  3. Approval or rejection letter

Where can products be stored?

All mass-produced goods must be stored in the USA.

Exceptions are provided for:

  1. Arts & Crafts
  2. Devices which are legal but onerous to purchase in the USA
  3. Cultural symbols

What kind of products can you sell?

Any products that fit within the categories of the main menu, or you may submit your own. We will consider your proposal at our earliest convenience.

Failure to wait for approval may result in a poor user experience.

How does shipping work for vendors?

  1. You select one shipping class for each product that you sell
    • USPS First Class
    • USPS Priority Envelope
    • USPS Priority Padded Envelope
    • USPS Priority Small Box
    • USPS Priority Medium Box
    • USPS Priority Large Box
  2. We send you the label
  3. You ship

Can you ship internationally?

Ship only within the USA. Overseas customers must use a freight forwarder.

Buyer is solely responsible for any problem which occurs after the order has been delivered to the U.S. address you (they) will enter in the checkout form.

What happens if I break the rules?

We may send you a letter, delete your account, and you may also be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws that you break.