Haggling 101: Paying Less per Customer

Ah, haggling. The age-old art of bargaining, with offers and counteroffers, until all parties agree… or not.

Pay Less Per Customer
Pay Less Per Customer
Haggling 101: Paying Less per Customer

How to Get the Best Deals and Keep Your Dignity

Ask your buyer personas if they would be more likely to buy something from you if you deployed specific marketing tactics. You should run experiments with samples of your target market(s) so that you don’t waste your marketing budget.

If your experiments go well you will need a strategy, tactics, plans and a budget.

Haggling Like a Boss

  • Why do you think you need a specific product or service?
  • Know the market value of the products and services you’re interested in
  • Know who can serve you better

Always be polite and respectful in your negotiations. Remember that the seller is also trying to make a living and has their own bottom line to consider. Being rude or aggressive will only make negotiations more difficult and less likely to be successful.

When it comes to haggling, confidence is key. Approach the seller with a friendly demeanor and a smile, but also with a firmness that shows you mean business. Don’t be afraid to make the first offer, just make sure it’s reasonable and not insulting.


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One way to get better deals is to bundle items together, even if they are from different providers. Account executives may be interested in being part of a media plan if you have a high net promoter score (you are an influencer) or perhaps your marketing and media plans have room for upgrades and repeat business.

Be careful not to insult the seller or the product

Another tactic is to point out any flaws or imperfections in the product, if they are real and could affect your bottom line. This gives you leverage in negotiations and can lead to a lower price.

Say No

Always be willing to walk away if the seller isn’t willing to explain how their marketing services lower your cost per customer. There may be someone else who can get help.

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