Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is an essential business activity that helps organizations to anticipate and plan for the future. By predicting sales trends and demand, your company can better manage risk and other costs of your plans, like marketing.

Pay Less Per Customer
Pay Less Per Customer
Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting and Benchmarking

Sales forecasting is a data projection based on current trends (benchmarks). You may use benchmarks to predict the potential impact of changes in your industry on future closing rates.

For higher data quality, your business should consider the following best practices:

Data accuracy and freshness

Inaccurate data will lead you to waste your resources, because you will not anticipate or even respond to changes in your industry.

Collect and analyze relevant data

Companies should gather data from various sources, including sales history, market trends, customer behavior, and economic indicators. This data should be analyzed using statistical models and algorithms to identify patterns and trends.

Use tools that rely on multiple sources

Automate the data analysis process and generate useful insights. These tools can be customized to fit the company’s specific needs and requirements.

Involve experienced salespeople and any other customer-facing associates

Salespeople have valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and sales trends. They can provide input on the potential impact of external factors such as competitor actions, economic conditions, and market trends.

Use multiple methods

what is sales forecasting?

Companies should use multiple methods such as trend analysis, regression analysis, and time-series analysis to achieve accurate sales forecasts.

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Involve stakeholders, including buyers and influencers

Communicate to key stakeholders such as managers, executives, and investors in a timely manner. These stakeholders can provide feedback and insights that can help businesses make informed decisions.

Consider external factors

Take into account external factors that may affect sales, such as changes in the economy, industry, or competition. Your business should update its forecast accordingly.

Sales forecasting is an ongoing process

Data should be monitored regularly to identify any changes. Your business should adjust their forecasts accordingly to ensure they are always actionable.

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