SEO. An Overview

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes your website appear on the first page of Google (or other search engines) for free when someone types in a related search query.

Pay Less Per Customer
Pay Less Per Customer
SEO. An Overview

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of featuring your website on search engines for free.

Search engine optimization is one aspect of digital marketing that you may not be able to afford right now. SEO practitioners promise to make your website more visible, more accessible, and more appealing to search engines and users alike.

Who Wins SEO?

In very simple terms, search engines favor content of higher production value, on sites which provide good experiences to their users, (according to what the staff at the search engines decide that is on any given day) and receive votes in the form of backlinks, and other signals with shifting importance. Search engines will only tell you about ranking factors in vague terms, because they may want you to buy ads.

Depending on your target market, SEO may be critical because some content consumers would frown upon your company if you used search ads on them. In their eyes, you are violating their privacy, and forcing them to look at your product. This maybe a horrific offense by today’s standards.

Types of SEO

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about the content on your website, and your website. This includes the quality of the content, the keywords used, and the structure of the web pages. To maximize your content’s visibility, make sure to use keywords (or search terms) in headings, content, and meta tags. Also, use keywords in the title of your content and in the first paragraph. This is what the YOAST plugin recommends, and they have good reviews.

Writing well-structured, high-quality content that is engaging and relevant to the reader is likely going to help you rank higher, but this may not be the case, unless the content or at least your domain is popular.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is related to the promotion of content beyond your own website and you measure it in reputable backlinks, plus social and other signals.

Would it be fair to think that search engines may want you to pay for advertising, instead of optimizing your website(s)?

Consider Google’s guidelines for content quality, like E-A-T, with a healthy dose of skepticism, because Google’s SEO answers are intentionally ambiguous.

Is SEO Free?

seo is labor intensive

Hahaha, good one! Inbound marketers like to say that SEO visitors may have higher purchase intent, thus you would pay less per customer. Be patient and you will reap the rewards (maybe).

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Consider this:

  • Search engines make money from advertising, not organic results
  • Search engines won’t give anyone certainty as to what will work or for how long
  • Search engine ads are optimized for each stage in the purchase cycle
  • Reputable professionals invest in top tier tools and training
  • SEO programs are labor-intensive

SEO is best approached as a team effort. Also, search engine optimization depends in part on content, and producing that content may take a minute.

we won’t sell your information

Am I Against SEO?

Even with AI, creating and optimizing content is time consuming. Profits and customer loyalty also suffer from factors like logistics and advertising can be both faster, cost-effective and convenient.

There are companies which promise to erase bad reviews. These services may be scams.

Even with all these risks, you shouldn’t dismiss this potential source of business, without considering the benefits to your company.

What do you want to pay or work for?

In a perfect world, with infinite resources, you should use both SEO and ads.

  • Ads are fast and convenient
  • Organic search results are free and often long term
  • Revenue is not guaranteed in either case

Can I Run a Business Without SEO?

You need to decide this based in your own company’s goals and resources. Seek reputable specialists who can explain if and how your company could benefit from an SEO program.

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