Podcast: Pay Less Per Customer

  • segmentationsegmentation

    Market Segmentation: Find Your Customers

    Market segmentation shows your business its better customers.

  • What is Advertising? An Overview

    Advertising means pushing paid messages in the middle of your customers' day to eventually sell them things.

  • net promoter score or nps is critical to social media success.net promoter score or nps is critical to social media success.

    What is Net Promoter Score ®?

    Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric, which indicates the likelihood that a customer will recommend your business to a friend or a colleague.

  • What is Media?

    Media can take many forms, from traditional newspapers and television to social media and streaming services. Each platform offers a unique way to interact with information, entertainment, and shopping opportunities.

  • ppc advertisingppc advertising

    PPC Advertising

    PPC, which stands for Pay-per-click, is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of their adverts.

  • what is days sales outstanding?what is days sales outstanding?

    What is Days Sales Outstanding?

    Calculators: The key to understanding days sales outstanding.

  • sales benchmark-ftsales benchmark-ft

    What is Sales Benchmarking?

    Sales benchmarking is a process used to measure and analyze the performance of sales teams relative to their peers.

  • segmentationsegmentation

    Demographic Segmentation

    Demographic segmentation means dividing a market into smaller groups according to characteristics such as age, gender and occupation.

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  • customer conversion ratecustomer conversion rate

    What is Customer Conversion Rate?

    Customer Conversion Rate is the percentage of people who were exposed to your message, (like those who saw your ads or visited your store) and did what you wanted them to do.

  • what is hagglingwhat is haggling

    Haggling 101: Paying Less per Customer

    Ah, haggling. The age-old art of bargaining, the dance between buyer and seller that can leave both parties feeling like they've either won or lost.

  • what is content marketingwhat is content marketing

    Content Marketing Overview

    In a nutshell, content marketing drives sales by sharing information that your customers find useful and can associate to your brand. It involves creating and sharing information that is valuable, relevant, and consistent to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.