Vending TOS


  1. Accurately represent any product or service you sell
  2. Use good quality images
  3. Ship within 3 days of reception of shipping labels
  4. Include your handling costs in your prices
  5. Follow all laws and regulations of your places of business
  6. Include affiliates in your planning (maximize your returns)
  7. Become an affiliate (your links will pay for selling any product, not just yours)
  8. Follow all rules described under Terms and Conditions, and any attached documents


  1. Fail to follow the rules
  2. Harass, bully or demean
  3. Contact customers outside the websit
  4. Spread misinformation:
    • If your data can’t be verified and/or replicated you are spreading misinformation
    • Beleifs are not facts



Vendors are banned from spamming shoppers, taking transactions outside, and cannot keep or relay your information.

If you reach a deal with the vendor, ask them to add our teller to the conversation, who will issue a coupon for your purchase, after verifying that all is in order.

Haggled sales are subject to the same rules as regular sales

Shoppers and vendors must keep this thread for their records, unadulterated.